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We are proud to announce that
Open Door MCC is a
2015 Anniversary Pacesetter Church

button1 Open Door is Impacting Need in Montgomery County

Every second Sunday of the month, all food pantry donations are shared with the county program, Upper Western Montgomery Help, which provides assistance with food, medications, and transportation to medical appointments. Please be especially careful to place your pantry donation in the basket at the front door so that it can be added to the good work at WUMCO-Help.

Phone: (301) 972-8481
Fax: (301) 916-3236
ODMCC's WUMCO news reports are here.

WUMCO Help, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to provide quick and friendly assistance to needy persons in Western Upper Montgomery County (Poolesville, Barnesville, Beallsville, Boyds, Dickerson and surrounding areas) in times of crisis. It provides emergency help with rent and mortgage, medical expenses, utilities, car repairs, transportation, prescription medicine and limited childcare subsidies. It operates a holiday basket and toy program in the area. It also coordinates a paratransit type bus service for seniors and disabled in the area.

"Gay couples find a place at welcoming local churches: Congregations publicly open to LGBT community nationwide triple over past decade"
Jen Bondeson, Staff Writer

Published in Maryland Community News Online Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The annual report for 2013 and thank you from WUMCO-HELP was reported by Rev. Miller on Sunday, March 16, 2014 for our donation of $250 and 684 lbs. of food! (Audio)

Faith and Kathy report that the WUMCO HELP folks made a special effort to thank us for our donations of food and money from several 50/50 raffles. She said that Open Door is the greatest community donor to their organization.

Open Door MCC is a 2013 Pacesetter church! Thanks to all who gave to the Fellowship Sunday donation to support Network development!

Over 75 hygiene kits sent to Japan (by way the of the Church of the
Brethern) during Tsunami relief efforts.

Donations were collected and sent to Joplin MCC hit by tornado in 2011

Money was collected and sent to Identity Inc. in Gaithersburg from 50:50 from 2011 Tasha's Follies

ODMCC participated in Capitol Pride 2011 parade. Interim Pastor Jill
McCrory received the Capitol Pride Hero Award for her work and support
in the GLBT community.

Church phone and fax consolidation saving significant expenses

A 2012 Pacesetter church!

Open Door had a second offering on Easter Sunday to collect a donation for the Global Justice Ministry, working for social and spiritual rights around the world.

From: Marina Laws <>
Date: Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 3:15 PM
Subject: Pacesetter Thank You

Dear MCC Leader:

As an expression of our appreciation to you for your participation in the 2012 Easter Offering for Global Justice Campaign, our staff has created a special Pacesetter's logo.  As a 2012 Pacesetter church, you are free to use this logo as you see fit -- on your church's website, in your e-mail communications, in your weekly worship folder or church newsletter, etc.  We hope you'll find this to be a helpful way to remind your congregants and your community of your leadership role on behalf of social justice issues, in general, and the new Global Justice Institute, in particular.

Again, our warm and heartfelt thanks to you and your congregation for "setting the pace" for our international global justice ministries.  On behalf of the MCC leadership and staff, please be assured of our continued prayers for you and your vital ministry.

In the Spirit of Jesus,

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson


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"I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut."  Revelation 3:8



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