WUMCO Thriving in Partnership with Open Door
By Adam DeBaugh, Secretary, WUMCO Board of Directors

Open Door MCC has had a long, successful relationship with WUMCO Help, Inc.  The Western Upper Montgomery County Help (WUMCO) is our local food bank and financial assistance program, serving the towns of Poolesville, Boyds, Barnesville, Beallsville, and Dickerson.  Every month, Open Door has our second Sunday food drive for WUMCO.  In February, Open Door contributed 78 pounds of non-perishable food.  In 2016, Open Door donated over 1,100 pounds of food!   WUMCO Board member Ray Hoewing says that Open Door’s contributions are the highest per capita among the many churches that support WUMCO.

WUMCO had a successful year in 2016 on three fronts:  food collected and distributed, financial assistance given, and our new membership program.

In 2016 we had donations of 24,000 pounds of food, and we distributed 20,990 pounds of food to people in need in the five towns in our service area.  In 2015 we distributed 16,550 pounds of food so our 2016 numbers are a significant increase.  There are about 6,500 postal patrons in our service area, many of which are businesses and offices.

Secondly, WUMCO gives people in need financial assistance in our service area for rent and mortgage payments, utilities, car repair, heating oil and propane, doctors’ appointments and co-pays, medicine, medical procedures.  In addition, WUMCO volunteers drive hundreds of miles a year giving rides to our clients to doctors’ appointments, pharmacies, and for other needs.

In 2016, financial assistance given by WUMCO totaled $40,405.06.

The third area on which I want to report is in our new membership drive that we began with a mailing to all postal patrons in our service area the beginning of November, 2016.  Since then we have gained 152 new members, with new income of $38,901.

Members receive WUMCO membership cards that give discounts at restaurants (like Bassett’s and Cugini’s in Poolesville)  and businesses, including Chi Rho Press, Lois Sumser jewelry, and Amy Morrison Fine Art Photography.

If you live in the five towns in our service area and are in need of financial assistance or food, please apply to WUMCO for assistance.  If you live outside our service area, WUMCO can put you in touch with Help organizations in your town.  If you want to support WUMCO and the food and financial assistance we provide, please become a member – pick up a brochure and membership envelope on the bureau in the narthex at church, or talk to Adam DeBaugh.  Membership categories start at $40 a year, but you can contribute your tax deductible gift as high as you want (a minimum of at least $600 a year, or $50 a month, makes you a member of our Jane Stearns Circle).

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