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12/10/2017 The Board of Directors, in response to your feedback, is seeking a person to participate in the process of identifying a candidate to be our Provisional Pastor as the Congregation Representative. That person will attend all the meetings and interviews with the applicants over the next few months. The will be guided by the same confidentiality rules as the Board members, and will be a full member of the team seeking our Provisional Pastor. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Curt, Jolene or Richard. We are planning to begin initial interviews in the next couple of weeks.


On 12/03/2017 ...has met and, based on feedback from the congregation and in consultation with Rev. Pressley Sutherland of the Office of Formation and Leadership Development, has decided to include a Congregation Representative in the discernment process that we all hope will lead to the identification of a candidate for our for our position of Provisional Pastor.  If you are interested in being involved in the process as the Congregational Representative, please get in touch with Jolene or Richard in the next few days.  

Please be aware that the Congregational Representative role will require active participation in multiple conference calls as we meet and talk with the applicants that have been identified.  At this point, Rev. Pressley has shared information about several, and we have asked him to inquire about two others.  This will be a significant commitment of time, and it will be important for all the participants in the process be present for most/all of the interviews for us to be able to assess the applicants.  The Congregational Representative will also need to abide by the same confidentiality rules as those agreed to by the Board.  The people we will be talking to expect that we will keep their information confidential until the process is completed, so communication to the rest of the congregation will need to be limited in order to protect the confidentiality of the applicants.


On 11/26/2017 ...is taking time to deliberate and consult with Rev. Pressley Sutherland of the Office of Formation and Leadership Development. We want to have a process that incorporates input from all sources, but also follows recognized best practices in the identification of a candidate for our position of Provisional Pastor.  Once the board has consulted and deliberated, we will update the congregation and seek feedback on the path ahead. Please keep checking here for the latest information.


On 11/19/2017 ...has heard your input from the Congregational Meeting.  The Board will deliberate to find a way to incorporate your input into the discernment process for identifying a candidate for the provisional pastorship while aligning with best practices as outlined by Rev. Pressley Sutherland.  We will have a robust process that includes everyone's input.  Given this need for further thought about the process, as well as the crunch associated with the Thanksgiving holiday and the advent of Advent (!!), the Board will NOT proceed with any interviews until we have had a further chance to deliberate and together we have a plan to move forward.


On 11/12/2017 ...had a conference call this morning with Rev. Pressley Sutherland where he reviewed information about four potential candidates for our position of provisional pastor.  The board has decided that we will be in touch with all four of the potential candidates over the next few weeks.  We are all excited about the qualifications of each of the potential candidates, and look forward to learning about each of them.

As always, we encourage you to reach out to any Board member with your questions and comments as we go through this process together.

To understand better the role of a provisional pastor, please review the deck that was presented on 9/24.  it's on our website at:

All the transition-related materials are available on our website at:


The Board continues to seek your input as we work through the transition together.  Please watch this spot in the newsletter for the latest developments.

As always, you can address your questions or comments to any Board member:

Curt Judd
Jolene Capozzi
Richard Sudol
Amy Morrison
Vernessa Wilson
Drew Curtis

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