Rev. Miller Hoffman
Open Door MCC
July 9, 2017

Now that Pride is over…

Pride is never over. It’s nice to have a month where a whole bunch of communities are celebrating and raising awareness of issues that are important to us and people we love, and it’s nice that it’s a warm month so we can celebrate and raise awareness at the beach and in parks and on the steps of city hall. It’s nice to remember as we celebrate and raise awareness that people for years and even decades have been celebrating and raising awareness (and rebelling and protesting) to bring a movement to the place it is today — still having our kids taken away, but way less often, still getting bashed, but not with impunity, still being denied employment protections, but only in 30 states… and having many more positive portrayals of our lives and families in the media.

Pride is never over. Every month is a month of pride and shameless confidence in the lives and contributions of all people. Every month is a month of speaking loudly or quietly in favor of social and spiritual justice for everyone across sexuality, gender identity, and our other differences. Every month is a month to come together in love and support for the private and corporate struggles of all marginalized peoples.

Pray, if you’re a pray-er. Picket, if that’s your thing. Write letters and make phone calls if you are good at it. Cook meals, donate to youth homeless shelters, do whatever you do. Now and every day from now is our chance to build on what’s come before us and to keep building.

And, whatever else you do, be proud of yourself. Be proud of your life and love, and be proud of the lives that you have transformed. Just being who we are can change the world — that was the DC Pride theme this year: “Unapologetically Proud.” And the NYC Pride theme was, “We Are Proud.” Who we are — all of us — makes a difference. Remember the saying, “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”


This Sunday is the second Sunday after Pride. This week, Jesus says that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Fascinating, Jesus, the last I checked, you and everyone associated with you got crucified. I’m going to go out on a limb and call that one heavy burden. (What does it mean? How can Jesus both say that he comes to set family against one another and also say that his yoke is light?) Join us at 10 am to ponder these questions with the youth for Kids in Church Sunday!! Stay after for coffee hour and fellowship. Open Door is and has food for our journey.

Rev. Miller