Rev. Miller Hoffman
Open Door MCC
August 20, 2017

Trust Your God

The idea of going to college was scary for me. I’d never left home before and I didn’t know what would become of me there. I almost didn’t go. I remember asking my mom if it would be okay if I didn’t, if she’d think less of me. (She wouldn’t, she said, but I did end up going, of course.)

My roommate had a childhood friend who came to say hello to her and found me in the room instead. She would become my closest friend for the next ten years.

It was her idea and initiative to get us a corner room on the second floor the next year, when we became roommates. A year later, a redheaded freshman would arrive in our house in the room three doors down. (She was in the flag corps and looked hot in a band uniform, if you’re into that sort of thing, which I was.) My roommate and housemates would invite that redheaded band hottie to my 21st birthday party, and she would become the love of my life.

We took some grammar class in my sophomore year and befriended a willowy, cynical, doe-eyed semi-misanthrope from another house who ended up married to my dad and sharing a Francophile, NPR- and classical music-loving household with him for twenty years and counting.

All of these things happened in my life and in the lives of people I love because I went ahead and did a new, scary thing.

I think about that all the time. And I’ve been thinking about it again lately. The future is uncertain, unknown, scary, and potentially (probably?!) filled with wonderful old things and also amazing new relationships, new wisdom, new transformations.

I’m hoping that sometime in the not too distant future, you look back on this transition and remember how doing a new, scary thing resulted in amazing new adventures and growth. I want to hear all about it.


This Sunday is the eighth Sunday after Pride and the third Sunday of August at the Movies! This week’s film is The Beasts of the Southern Wild, in which Hushpuppy lives in Louisiana on the fringe of community, on the edge of land, on the brink of orphanhood. That she survives is due to her strength, resilience, ferocity… and imagination. Join us Sunday morning to explore her world: nature and mystery and desolation and history, and bring your own questions and meanings. Stay afterward for coffee and fellowship. Open Door is and has food for our journey.

Rev. Miller